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There’s lots to consider in designing a landscape. We attempt to listen to your goals, preferences, and limitations- - and then connect these with the natural and architectural elements of your site. Sometimes it’s just privacy that’s needed. Other times there are difficult grade changes, hazardous drainage issues, more hard surface needed outside, or even trouble getting your guests to come to the right door on your house. Maybe you’d just like something nice to look at when you drive past or look out of your house.

How do you feel about having a landscape designed to uniquely match your vision? We take to the drawing board with the vision of seeing your house feel at home in its setting. We research and brainstorm to come up with fresh, comfortable outdoor living spaces surrounded by attractive compositions. Leaves, color, form, foliage, texture, seasonal interest- - all these are taken into consideration. Our years of combined experience keeps us aware of what plants will work and which ones won’t, while our continuing education and passion keeps us abreast of the latest outdoor possibilities.

Fullmer’s would love to take even your most challenging space and make it a favorite place to come home to!

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